The Role of Local Injection of Tnf-a Antagonist on Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rabbits

Anees M. Mudhir, Rafah H. Al-Maroof, Fadhil Y. Jasim


INTRODUCTION Orthodontic tooth movement supposed to be mediated by several host mediators such as interleukin-1 and tu- mor necrosis factor-α. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of infliximab (tumor necrosis factor-α antagonist) local injection on orthodontic tooth movement.
Methods: orthodontic appliance was placed on the upper central incisors of 22 adult male local breeded rabbits for 18 days to create a space between the two central incisors. The rabbits were divided into two equal groups, the experimental group received 5mg/kg subperiosteal injection of tumor necrosis factor-alpha antagonist (infliximab)in the labial side of the upper central incisor in three time intervals (0,7,13 days )of the study period. The control group received equivalent volume of normal saline in the same location as in experimental group. Clinical measurement of the space between the central incisors were done in (5, 9, 13, 18) days. RESULTS There was a significantly smaller rate of tooth movement in experimental group than control group represented by small- er spaces created.

Conclusions: local injection of infliximab decreases the movement of the tooth during orthodontic treatment.


infliximab ,TNF-α,Orthodontics,tooth movement

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