Standardized Protocol for Endodontic Treatment (Iraqi Endodontic Society)

Raghad A. Al-Hashimi, Hussain F. Al-Huwaizi


The establishment of a high quality service in oral health care achieved by a member of dental professional is an important feature
of any system of peer review in dentistry. This protocol attempts to discuss two crucial elements (I) suitability and feasibility of
treatment modality and (II) quality of treatment performed to Iraqi patients. The Iraq endodontic society is designing a standardized
protocol for endodontic treatment following the quality guidelines of European society of Endodontology (2006) to meet the
highest standard of care generally given by competent practitioners. The Iraqi endodontic society has the expertise and professional
responsibility clinically relevant to empower the dental profession through creating significant guidelines on the standard of
care in the endodontic discipline. Because there is multiple way of performing endodontic treatment, this standardized protocol
has been designed in broad terms.


Endodontic Treatment;Protocol

Full Text:



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