Detection of Second Canals in Mesial Root of Maxillary First Molars Using Different Evaluation Methods (In Vitro Study)

Amer A. Mohammed, Haitham Dakhil Mohsen, Sundus Hussein Naser




 Aim: The purpose of this study was to determine the number of canals treated in the mesio-buccal roots of the maxillary first molars in Iraqi population. 

Materials and Methods: The examiners verified the number of canals in the teeth using different methods including: magnifying lens, bubble test and radio graphical method. 

Results: In total, 200 maxillary first molars of which 148 teeth (74%) met the criterion of having two canals detected and treated in the mesio-buccal root of the maxillary first molars. 

Discussion and conclusion: The fact that almost more than half the mesio-buccal roots of the maxillary first molars bear two canals is enough reason to assume always that two canals exist until careful examination proves otherwise. According to this study there was no difference in the prevalence of 2nd MB canal in maxillary 1st molar between males and females.


Second cananl; Mazillary first molars; mesial root

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