The effect of oral health educational pictures and video on periodontal health and behavior of school children

Athraa A. Mahmood


Background: Oral health education for students is a fundamental role for maintaining and raising perfect oral health and pre- venting oral diseases in future. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of oral health educational pictures and video on periodontal health and behavior in dentition of 12-years old school children in Baghdad city.
Materials and methods: Oral examination was conducted on (128) children of (Al-Yamama) primary school in Baghdad city. They were divided into four equal groups, each one consisting of (32) children. The first oral examination was done in first visit to chil- dren (pre-test). The community periodontal index (CPITN) scores were used to evaluate periodontal health status of children. Then, the first and second groups, experimental groups, were received instruction about oral health enhancement with education- al program (pictures and video clip) regularly for one month. The third and fourth groups, control groups, were received instruction about oral health enhancement only regularly for one month. The second oral examination was done after one month to children (post-test). Also, questionnaire were given to assess oral health behaviors of children in pre- and post- tests.

Results: Clinical examination display that CPITN of experimental groups (1, 2) was lower with healthier gingiva when compared with control groups (3, 4) with statistical significant differences between pre and post-tests (P-value <0.005). The percentages of using tooth brush and paste, frequency of teeth cleaning at day, time taking for cleaning teeth, preferable time of cleaning, brush- ing technique, tooth brush replacement, cause of tooth brushing and using of dental floss were improved in post-test in all groups in comparison with pre-test especially in the experimental groups (1, 2).

Conclusion: Results of this study clearly reflect the proposed positive effect of the educational program in the lowering CPITN indices scores among the participants in the experimental group. Results of this study also provide another clue that combination of instruction about oral health enhancement with educational program (pictures and video clip) that represent new strategies for community oral health education; which could be targeted in order to enhance the effect of the oral health education campaigns directed to primary school children. 


Oral pictures; video; gingivitis; CPITN; behavior.

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