Clinical Study of Sclerotherapy of Oral Vascular Malformations Using Absolute Per- Mucosal Ethanol Injection

Othman A. Omar, Omed I. Shihab, Hundren M. Ali


Background and objectives: vascular malformations are a difficult entity to treat because they are often extensive and have a ten- dency to recur after treatment. This study aimed to assess the efficacy of permucosal sclerotherapy with use of absolute ethanol. Methods: In a clinical prospective study all patients with oral vascular malformations, were enrolled sequentially in this study from Jan 2010-Jan 2012. The provisional diagnosis made upon accurate history and physical examination. Needle aspiration from the vascular malformation was also used for more confirmation. The ethanol was injected very slowly using single puncture with the needle moved in different directions within the lesion to distribute the ethanol throughout the lesion.
A descriptive statistical analysis was performed.
Results: A total of 18 patients (7 male and 11 female) with an age range of 13-38 years, and mean age of 23 years, were presented with vascular malformation and treated. Most of the patients cured by a single injection. One case cured with 4 times repeated injections.
Conclusion: Absolute ethanol injection was effective in the treatment of vascular malformations without complications.

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