Assessment of mental foramen position in dentate subjects

Jaafar Jasim Attar, Siba Ahmed Mohmmed


Mental foramen shares its significance in various fields of dentistry. Being a strategically eminent landmark, an understanding of the variation of its position is important. Aim: To evaluate frequently occurring position of mental foramen and its distance with reference to the lower premolars using panoramic image. Method: Total 215 panoramic image of patients taken for different diagnostic purpose, using Planmeca X-ray unit ProMax, The position of the mental foramen was recorded according to the categories which were put forward by Jasser and Nwoku. Result: The most common position was found to be between the two premolars approximately  60.5% for both gender, followed by below the second premolar approximately 34.9% .conclusion: The most common location was reported to be between the two premolars, with a definite bilateral symmetry on both left and right sides. No gender preferences were observed



Key words: Mental foramen, panoramic image, Position

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